Câpsula by i29 architects introduces a new wonderful typology of premium tiny houses to inspire new ways to live well. Superior tiny homes, simply featuring essentials.

Slow Luxury 

In a complex world, architects advocate simplified and uncomplicated. Câpsula builds on the promise of advanced design where less is more. Distinctive tiny architecture, rich in bare essentials. Beautifully designed dwellings with a small footprint that promote slow luxury and peace of mind. Think of fewer options, with excellent choices made for you. But more than to think, we urge you to feel the luxury of slow living. To be happy, how much do we need? 

Designed into detail 

Câpsula proposes a growing collection of beautifully composed tiny houses boasting unique design features, supporting flexible use and celebrating perfect finishing. There are three models to choose from: Soft Lodge, Writer's Block Hut, and Tiny Holiday Home.