A 4-story loft apartment that brings urban and minimalist style to an industrial building in the Barriera di Milano district in Turin. Casa MRGT marks a return to residential architecture for the studio, which specializes mostly in interior design for the hospitality sector.

Created for a Canadian-origin car designer, the space was developed on 4 levels to fully leverage the vast square footage available: 350sqm with mezzanine inside, and 250sqm of terrace overlooking the city outside.

The neighborhood’s industrial and clearly contemporary vibe echoes, in line with the studio’s aesthetic, in the architectural direction and choice of materials.

The ample spaces are highlighted by voids, integrated to respect the origins of the structure and to enhance the concept of “openness” that is essential to the open floor plan, to which this project adds a series of geometrical volumes to define the space and its use. The dark hues of metal find new meaning in the stark contrast with vast light surfaces, deliberately left free, and with the natural light streaming into the space.

The first floor is taken up by the apartment’s garage: a raw, eclectic space that houses the owner’s classic car collection. The bright yellow on the walls and ceiling highlights the space’s structural elements, left exposed. The garage is connected to the home by a private freight elevator and a steel staircase – which, step after step, gradually changes from raw, industrial materials to more welcoming and domestic finishes.

On the second floor, the ample living area is a striking space free of partitions, starring a kitchen island designed by lamatilde and custom made by Disé Italia, directly facing the rest of the room. The interiors’ visual story is complemented by Charles couches by B&B Italia and vintage Wassily Chair armchairs by Knoll, surmounted by the Sampei floor lamp by Davide Groppi – which creates a bold graphical element while still remaining thin and light. The dining area features a large Tavolo 25 by Desalto with Calligaris chairs, dominated by a composition of the Algorithm lamp by Vibia.

The grand living area is maximized by using two stacked metallic volumes to create enclosed spaces: the first one, made in burnished carbon steel sheet metal, is dedicated to the private home cinema, and connects via stairs to the second one, which turns into a cozy guest room – a private and welcoming nest, paneled in micro-perforated sheet metal on the outside.

Behind the kitchen, the layout includes two bedrooms with en-suite bathroom.

The third floor is entirely occupied by the large master bedroom, which develops around the closed central volume of the walk-in closet to create a seamless experience that flows from reading area to bathroom, from bed to bathtub to walk-in shower. The furniture and finishes inspired by contemporary minimalist aesthetic, on both this floor and the one right below, are complemented by pieces that made the history of design, such as the LC4 chaise longue by Cassina. The bedroom is strategically placed facing the living area through an opening, covered by a mobile wooden slat structure that can be opened and closed, to allow for more light or more privacy depending on the moment.

Finally, the last floor opens up to a terrace with a view of the city: a convivial space with a pergola and outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and sauna, Mirror Sauna by ÖÖD, surrounded by shrubs and small fruit trees.