You will agree that for many of us price is the final factor in giving up a product.

Today the prices interior decoration materials and various equipment are rising like clockwork. However, saving money on plumbing equipment is not the best solution. Why?

After all, no one wants to replace a dripping faucet in a few years or quietly admit to themselves: hm… for some reason, taking a shower doesn't make you happy…

By the way, about shower systems. It's one of the most important sanitary appliances and can really make routine hygiene procedures a small joy of life.

On the other hand, there are people who don't need a shower system to "wash away the day's worries"... They just need a functional, reliable, quality shower system for "normal" price.

Let's talk about smart technologies

German company Grohe has a range of highly innovative sanitaryware - from shower frames and taps to smart toilets and ceramics. With SmartControl technology the strength and temperature of the water jet can be controlled at the touch and turn of a button.

Tempesta 250 shower system has a thermostatic mixer with TurboStat technology. It keeps the desired water temperature stable and prevents sudden fluctuations. GROHE SafeStop function limits the water temperature to 38˚C. This is particularly important in homes where children, for example, bathe independently. In other cases, the water temperature can be adjusted up to a maximum of 43˚C.

Tempesta 250 GROHE EcoJoy limits water consumption to 9.5 l/min, saving up to 40% of water consumption. And the GROHE DreamSpray ensures a steady stream of water from every nozzle in both the main shower and the hand shower.

And finally Tempesta 250 has two shower heads. The stationary shower head diameter is 250 mm and its the optimum size for the Rain jet for relaxing. For added comfort, the Rain head is mounted on a 180˚ swivel shower elbow.

The shower head is available in two shapes - round or square. Is really important for bathroom interior style.

The Tempesta Cosmopolitan hand shower has a 100 mm diameter shower head. It delivers not only Rain, but also the more intense Jet water stream, which is perfect for soap or shampoo.

Tempesta 250 design has already been recognised for its style and functionality by architectural professionals and got two prestigious international design awards in 2020 - the iF Design Award and the Iconic Award: Innovative Architecture.

So Tempesta 250 is not a solution out of the box, but a smart choice when you get much more for less with German quality and reliability. Even when it comes to choosing a shower system, this turns out to be possible.