Designers Nauris Kalinauskas and Dalia Mauricaitė Kalinauskienė, explorers of small spaces, are like interior illusionists.

The spotlight's light is directed towards their design ideas and functional solutions. It makes believe in small household miracles. Also provokes to change or even forget our habitual habits and to discover new home rituals. This time they draw a piece of furniture that at first glance looks like a compact kitchen…

The magic begins with a single unique unit of furniture. This unique furniture can turn even a modestly sized living room into a luxurious and comfortable hotel room. And it's takes a minutes to change kitchen to the... bathroom.

Suddenly you can wash your hands, brush your teeth or just brew a cup of tea with boiling water in the living room. And yes - stop waste your time and migrate between the kitchen and the bathroom.

The design idea was inspired by a specific plumbing innovation - the Grohe RED faucet with its unique boiling water function. The high water temperature is maintained in a special 4- or 8-litre titanium boiler and hot water flows simply by turning a lever.

The cleverly designed unit not only accommodates the hot water boiler, but also a waste bin, make-up mirror and functional shelves for make-up accessories and cups.