The Three Summits home designed by NÓS brings together three generations within a vast mountainous domain.

A return to the roots of collective domesticity through architectural primitivism. Rocky prisms and monumental roofs form a composition of voids, framing the pictorial landscape of the site in multiple inhabited tableaux. Artificial and natural gardens are thus mixed along topographic parcours, linking the three main pavilions and evoking the three stages of life.

The project is inspired by the organization of rural constructions in the American Northeast. The project generates a diversity of living spaces supporting the needs of communal life, while offering different relations with the landscape. The lines, planes, and volumes compose a pure, even primitive, geometric whole.

Located at the highest point the residence maximizes unobstructed views of the mountainous landscape.
Over the multiple levels of the residence, the architectural parcours gradually reveal the natural environment of this spectacular site. From the main access threshold, the visitor is confronted with a first-landscaped courtyard, which reveals a spectacular view of the valley.

The central pavilion houses is located at the intermediate level of the topography, slightly lower than the main entrance. The three-story pavilion, slightly below, features an independent unit on the ground floor, two dormitories upstairs, and a series of suites accessible directly from the garden level. The highest pavilion is accessible directly from the indoor garage and houses the masters' quarters.

Technical sheet

Project location: Green Mountains, Vermont, USA

Architects: Gil Hardy, Charles Laurence Proulx, Patrick Lévesque, Jean-Philippe Pratte, Jean-Benoît Trudelle et Negar Adibpour.