Vaidas Norkus

"Which side of the bed do you sleep on?" - the designer asks in passing. And even though you weren't asked about your favourite colour of underwear, you felt a little uncomfortable again.

You can understand why. Firstly, why would the designer care so much? You're not going to have a stormy night together, so what difference does it make to him which side of the bed you sleep on?

It takes you a few seconds to think about it. It's a bit embarrassing that you can't answer such a simple question straight away.

Finally, you have probably heard that your personality can also be judged by which side of the bed you go to dreamland on. 

What the survey showed?

"Premier In" surveyed more than 3,000 people. Sounds interesting that left-handed sleepers feel happier and are better equipped with everyday stresses and strains. Sleeping on the right side of the bed are gloomier and see the world in darker colours.

More than a quarter of left sleepers have a positive outlook on life. And those who sleep on the right are more sceptical and grumpy. 'Left' sleepers feel more confident and enjoy their work more. 31 per cent of left sleepers say they enjoy their work, compared to just 18 per cent of right sleepers.

A similar study by mattress company Sealy UK also found that those who choose the right side of the bed should not be disappointed. And according to this study, 'lefties' are more love their work and have lots of friends. 'Righties' are more likely to be loners and appear gloomier to others.

Even more interesting are the results by the US company Slumber Cloud. People who sleep on the left side have a more active left hemisphere of the brain, and are better at logical thinking, decision-making and decision consequences.

They also like beer more than wine, prefer old-time music, dramatic films. And of course, surprisingly, they are left-wing politically.

Meanwhile, right-sleepers have a more active right hemisphere of the brain. This means they are more intuitive, imaginative and creative. According to the study, "right-wingers" like wine more than beer, prefer rock music, action films. And of course, are more sympathetic to conservatism and monarchy.

And if you find it hard to imagine a rocker sipping a French Georges Duboeuf Chateaneuf-du-Pape AOC, it's probably not a sign that your right brain is completely switched off.

The same Slumber Cloud study shows that among the top five reasons for choosing a side of the bed. 40% of respondents choose it for ease of access, 31% simply to accommodate their partner, and the same proportion choose it because it's easier to reach the bedside table.

More as a quarter choose the side of the bed for the convenience of watching TV, and 18 per cent because there is a wall on that side. 

So the designer probably doesn't care if you love your job. Or have lots of friends. Or like alcohol or who you vote for. The position of the bed, the furniture and the lighting can also make a difference in your choice of which side of the bed to sleep on.

But what do you know - in a well-designed bedroom you'll start sleeping on the left side of the bed, and wake up happier in the mornings, loving your work...