The lofts are distinctive in size and offer a completely new concept of living. Designers Nauris Kalinauskas and Dalia Mauricaitė-Kalinauskienė have decided to create a demonstration living interior that would reveal the possibilities of non-standard housing, so that everyone could get to know them better.

The designers proved that if you have a limited budget, you should be more responsible with your home appliances.

"Every centimetre counts in a small loft, so when designing such an interior. We chose the finishing and furnishing materials carefully, and analysed the advantages of home appliances and bathroom products," says designer N. Kalinauskas.

According to the designers, people usually spend most of their money on construction work and forget to think about elements that improve comfort. It would be more responsible to choose household appliances rather than the view out the window.

Unique furniture for unique interiors

D. Mauricaitė-Kalinauskienė and N. Kalinauskas say that there is still a myth about the high cost of designing and manufacturing off-the-shelf furniture. “We had to adapt conventional furniture, for example, the legs of the sofa had to be lengthened because the standard height of sofas would be too low for comfortable working or eating at a table. We dedicated a whole four-metre high wall to the kitchen furniture, but that doesn't mean that all the cupboards have to be loaded with pots and cups: the upper cabinets are for storage, and one of them even becomes a shelf next to the bedroom bed," says Mauricaitė-Kalinauskienė.

The mezzanine floor of the loft is accessed by a designed staircase-shelf. This space also accommodates the versatile Air Plus shelf designed by N. Kalinauskas, which is made of plywood just 6 mm thick.

The solutions lie in technology

Both designers note that good interior design ideas are not enough to create a comfortable and functional home in a very small space. Choosing quality products and making the most of their potential is crucial.

The designers have chosen high quality furniture materials for the kitchen. For the worktop a thin compact laminate was used. This material is comparable to steel in terms of its properties, but does not look cold or uncomfortable.

“We really believe that the myth that smart home systems are only for luxury and large homes needs - for compact, economical apartments, they are a great help in controlling costs”, said designers.