Todd Saunders' CV includes architectural projects on a truly impressive scale. One of his most famous realisations is the Aurland Observation Deck in Norway.

Saunders has also been known for designing houses that are not only remarkable, but also surprisingly small.

Saunders is no architectural eccentric or revolutionary. The effects of the global economic crisis and large cities centralisation are also shaping new architectural trends.

More and more architects are starting to design small houses. Saunders has been very successful in breaking the stereotype that only grandiose projects deserve the serious and quality architecture.

Designing small houses not only gives the architect more creative freedom, but also more challenges. The architect's latest project, Slice, is the wish of a resident of Slattevik, a small town in Norway.

The point is to have a one-room summer house in which he could spend his leisure time and accommodate his guests. In addition to the client's desire to create a unique house of just 15m2.

The architects also had to think how to preserve trees in the garden. The architects make no secret that the trees inspired the main architectural idea of a triangular form with an integrated open terrace.

The interiors of small houses tend to be very minimalist, but this is where the importance of choosing the furniture that is really needed.