The global pandemic has forced people around the world to spend more time at home than usual. For many, the home has replacing the office, the classroom, the kindergarten, or the café.

For many were a good opportunity to re-evaluate their home. It's functionality and comfort, especially in the bathroom, which is one of the most important functional areas of the home. Some insights for modern bathroom, and what innovative solutions are offered by manufacturers.   

Multiple sanitary facilities are no longer a luxury but a necessity

Pay attention to the number of sanitary units in the home. The number of sanitary facilities in a home may not be so important for single, but for families with children of different ages, a second sanitary facility is a necessity. A second sanitary unit can also be provided in a small separate space that can accommodate a toilet and washbasin.

Water saving and hygiene standards are high on the agenda

Water efficiency and the highest hygiene standards are among the hottest bathroom trends of recent years.  Some flush technology helps to reduce the amount of water flushed, and toilets with this technology are rapidly gaining popularity.

They don't have the usual water-flow edge, but instead the water flows straight through and the flow washes the whole inside of the toilet without splashing the seat, so that 4.5 / 3 litres of water is enough for a perfect flush.

Such toilets have no rim, so there is no place for dirt to accumulate inside the bowl. In addition, the whole inside is glazed, so cleaning can be extremely quick, easy and sterile.

Should flushing toilets already be on the priority list?

When it comes to the highest standards of hygiene and comfort in the bathroom, it is impossible to avoid the topic of flushing toilets. Washbasins with a flushing function are still seen as a luxury, not a necessity, and people often doubt whether such an investment can be justified at all, but once they decide to invest in such an appliance, they are usually not disappointed.

Integrated bidet function thus saving space. Such toilets incorporate modern smart technologies and pay attention not only to technological solutions but also to design. This unit allows you to adjust the intensity of the rinse jet and the water temperature, change the position of the nozzle.

The growing popularity of sensor systems is also linked to water saving and hygiene. Until now, sensor faucets, shower systems, sensor toilet flush buttons and sensors in urinals have been more common in public spaces where there is a huge amount of water consumption or higher hygiene standards.

However, sensor systems should become increasingly popular in private bathrooms as well. These systems helps to save water significantly and are more hygienic due to less physical contact.

Sensor taps are the perfect solution for bathrooms used by the elderly, children and guests. Sensor buttons for dual flush toilets are also gaining in popularity.