Axolight, a lighting design company presented the new lighting solutions that go beyond the classical style conventions with their unusual shapes, and bring a breath of new air into the sector of lighting technology.

Clearly inspired by abstract trends, Manifesto is a wall and ceiling lamp created by the Finnish designer Timo Ripatti. It is entirely made of metal with a diameter of 24 inches. It contains a dimmable LED light source built into the lamp body. When the light is off, the lamp appears like a bas-relief that emerges from the wall. When the light is on, it is surrounded by a luminous glow that redesigns the edges and exalts the emotional impact.

Pivot, the modular lighting system created by the Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada. It resembles the shape of the Japanese hishaku, a ladle made of bamboo or wood used for purification before entering a sanctuary. Pivot can be used to create countless style and lighting solutions in the three nuances of white, black and greige.

Designed by the company’s creative team, Poses draws inspiration from the writings of Euclid, where he defines primitive geometric concepts like the point, the line and the plane. Using linear bars, available in three different lengths (~18’’, ~22’’ and ~56’’) fitted onto circular satellites, Poses can be arranged to create countless flat geometrical shapes and “poses” on the ceiling, wall or suspended. The linear bars can also be rotated by 360° to direct the beam of light.