You have already decided to install a wall-hung toilet in your bathroom. You like the visual benefits of a space, you're thinking of saving a few extra centimetres and want to implement more interesting interior design solutions. And finally, you want to spend less time on daily maintenance…

Don't think that the design of the toilet and the flush button should be the main focus. After all other parts like the frame or the water tank won't be visible from behind the wall anyway.

They are also important to pay attention. In a failure it's the first thing you will have to worry about and spend on is yourself. But isn't this a hint that the hidden parts are the most problematic and the most likely to fail?

No, choosing this system does not condemn you to a lifetime of worrying about quick breakdowns. Interestingly, according to sanitary ware manufacturers, it's not the perceived fear of failure that makes people most hesitant to choose this system. But… How they should be fixed and when? After a year? Two years? Will replacing one part require knocking down an entire bathroom wall, undertaking a tedious repair and making your wallet thin again?

These toilet systems could be added to the list of future sanitary appliances. If they are made and installed to a high standard, they should be trouble-free for as long as possible. And if any problems do eventually arise, it could still be rectified after a decade without having to knock down the bathroom wall or search required part in the antique market… So how to have one in your home?

Some important tips
-Please note that individual parts may be from different manufacturers. This means that the system will be assembled like a puzzle - the frame and the flush button from one manufacturer, the toilet from another…

-This is possible, but it is also important to consider the potential risks. You need to know the sanitary market well and identify reliable manufacturers who can guarantee quality and provide long-term service and quality.

There are not many manufacturers in the global market who can offer complete systems under the same brand name.