The iconic and amazing bathroom collection ILBAGNOALESSI returns in a completely renewed look, the result of the evolution of materials and continuous technological research.

ILBAGNOALESSI has represented a completely new approach to the design of the bathroom space since its debut twenty years ago. With a design by Stefano Giovannoni, it is one of the longest-running and most successful collections from LAUFEN which, together with design brand ALESSI, has reinterpreted classic archetypes with fluid and soft shapes, giving the objects an organic almost sculptural character.

“When I began to think about the ceramic fixtures of ILBAGNOALESSI in the early 2000s, I was immediately drawn to the image of white stones polished by water. The design of ceramic pieces (toilet, bidet, washbasin) was usually based on the composition of three elements: a basin, the central element that contains the water; an element for connection to the wall, and possibly another one for connection to the floor. With the ceramic fixtures of ILBAGNOALESSI I went beyond traditional design practice, taking a stone and directly attaching it to the wall”, said S. Giovannoni.

This basic compositional and gestural operation was made possible by painstaking study of the three-dimensional surfaces, giving the object an organic, almost sculptural character. In the toilet, the rounded cover completes the design of the ceramic body in perfect continuity, generating a unified object that is completely different from a traditional toilet, which is usually flat in its upper part. In the other ceramic fixtures – the washbasins and bidets – the stone is dissected at the top, generating a flat surface in which to hollow out a basin with an elliptical form. 

The floor-mounted washstand (known as Tam-Tam) joins the column and the basin in a single body, creating an innovative and revolutionary product: the first floor-mounted ceramic washbasin made in a single piece.

The Tuna washbasin has been equally revolutionary, with its basin that rises to connect fluidly with an asymmetrical counter. The Tuna series, a characteristic feature of the collection in 2014, returns in the 2022 collection with the innovative technology developed for the production of the new material Saphirkeramik.

Renewed lightness

The evolution of ILBAGNOALESSI coincides with the important technological progress over the last few years. Thanks to Saphirkeramik, an extraordinary high-performance material it has been possible to design new washstands and washbasins with ample, soft and fluid forms. “The introduction of Saphirkeramik has made it possible to reduce the traditional double border of ceramic fixtures to a single thin surface, emphasizing the elegance of the organic design of this line of products” ,  said S. Giovannoni.

Stefano Giovannoni, experimenting with this special ceramic material, has designed basins with rounded forms in different sizes (450x380x170 and 700x380x170 cm), reinterpreting the iconic Tuna washbasin, whose long, organic form has been accentuated through the use of a new light, slim profile based on Saphirkeramik. The new Tuna washbasin is available in the countertop version, or built-in with the ceramic border perfectly aligned with the cabinet on which it is placed.

The important new feature of the collection involves three new variations of finish and color for all the ceramic pieces, including the toilet and the bidet. The matte finish – in the colors white, black and coffee – gives the product a more contemporary image.

The new freestanding bathtub is large and welcoming, and takes its cue from the form of the washbasins. Made with Sentec, a mineral composite that offers a velvety, sensual surface, the tub is ideal for a long regenerating soak. The slim border widens to offer a comfortable headrest and a surface for objects. The new version – also available with black on the outside and white on the inside is of great theatrical impact, perfectly in tune with the new finishes of the collection.

One of the central pieces of ILBAGNOALESSI is the toilet with its innovative shape: the rounded cover completes the design of the ceramic body in perfect continuity, generating a unified object that is completely different from a traditional toilet, which is usually flat in its upper part.

New furnishings: innovation and maximum functional quality

ILBAGNOALESSI also offers a series of new furnishings that incorporate materials of the latest generation. The cabinets have squared geometric lines, and the drawers – without handles – have borders at a 45-degree angle, a solution that is beautiful and functional at the same time.

The new wood varieties and the warm, earthy tones of the colored laminated versions play with the stoneware surfaces, creating chromatic effects and material juxtapositions of great refinement in relation to the ceramic fixtures. The color palette offers a range of over 30 hues and 3 special nuances, with metallic finishes like copper, titanium and gold.

A special highlight, in the truest sense of the word, is an innovative frame structure made of black aluminum, which accompanies the mirror and furniture as a connecting element and sets the scene for the unusual shapes.

This structure is equipped with an LED lighting system, the different scenarios of which can be controlled via APP or remote control. The modular lighting system allows the brightness to spread in multiple directions, creating different personalized configurations in the bathroom space, with the option of shifting between warm and cool luminous hues.

A square section of just 23 mm, easy to install, which conceals innovative technology inside, to take ILBAGNOALESSI into a new digital era.