“Nooch" - a new sofa by Piero Lissoni. It is a large connection of small pieces. If you combine them together, the collection becomes a huge family of different dynamic and endless solutions.

Collection becomes a huge family of different dynamic and endless solutions. The name is in-between England and Asia. And it means bamboo labyrinth. "The structure of the seating system is like a labyrinth but made in aluminum.”, said designer.

After the great success of Borea, Piero Lissoni and B&B Italia continue to pursue research and sustainability in the outdoor sector. Nooch - a modular seating system whose name is inspired by the tropical botanical garden of Nong Nooch in Thailand.

Its key feature is the tubular structure in recycled aluminum, a light and strong material, completely recyclable. A choice inspired by simplicity, which recalls elementary tubular structures and ennobles them with a design that pays attention to every detail.

The intersection of the structural elements represents the iconic feature of this collection, with the particular elbow curve achieved by the way the aluminum bends. This is a design and engineering element that combines function and beauty, which is sure to be remembered for a long time to come.

Nooch is a system that offers the possibility of creating infinite combinations from two base modules: a rectangular one measuring 136x95 cm and a square one measuring 95x95 cm. Both can be equipped with backrests and armrests and have an aluminum top with slats on which the cushions rest.

The modules can be arranged as free-standing units or attached  firmly together by means of special interlocking joints so as to create a variety of configurations.

This is possible due to a series of additional tables that can be inserted between the seats. With tops in serpentine stone or natural teak wood, with irregular slats, a choice that creates an unusual visual rhythm, they are available in square, rectangular and trapezoidal shapes.

The latter creates gentle curves, becoming the key to varying the linearity of the composition of the elements, creating dynamic solutions. There is also a small round service element in natural teak wood that can be inserted between the cushions to provide additional support when needed.

The collection is enriched by a low table, with a square or rectangular base and a top in serpentine stone or enameled lava stone in clay, sage and ocean blue colors. To emphasize the linearity of the object, the frame is encased by tubular aluminum elements along its entire length, featuring semi-gloss varnish in the same colors as the seats.

In domestic or contract spaces, the countless combinations of Nooch can be easily modified, adapting to different seasons, needs and occasions: breakfast or dinner, relaxing or sharing, small gatherings or big parties, there is no situation that Nooch cannot handle.