Palombo Collection by Laufen

Some important tips about bathroom decor

Bathroom decor is an essential aspect of any home. It adds to the overall ambiance and style of the living space. The bathroom is a private space where we spend time every day, and having an aesthetically pleasing. Functional bathroom can make a significant difference in our daily routines. Let's talk about some of the key aspects how it can…


A sleek, single-story residence for single-family

Oakhill is a single-family residence conceived by local architect studio, Matière Première Architecture. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding maple tree forest. The home faces eastward on a gentle slope. A wetland area to the east forms a natural clearing. While a rock outcropping to the west creates a steeper incline, shielding the residence from both dominant winds and…


Building along the oblique

The CAPO project, located in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, proposes an architectural approach that privileges the body’s movements in space. The residence roots itself in the site’s specific quality: a rocky cliff, perilous and at the limits of habitability. The project The CAPO project is designed according to a pre-existing organic path of circulation on the perilous site, initiating…


Hotel in Norway’s fjord

Snøhetta has been working with local, Norwegian entrepreneur Tom Bjarte Norland and Danish interior brand Vipp to develop a unique hotel on the edge of Lysefjorden on the Norwegian west coast. The Bolder project consists of four cabins lifted over the ground designed to harmonize in the best possible way with the surrounding nature and blur the lines between being…


Amazing house for three generations

The Three Summits home designed by NÓS brings together three generations within a vast mountainous domain. A return to the roots of collective domesticity through architectural primitivism. Rocky prisms and monumental roofs form a composition of voids, framing the pictorial landscape of the site in multiple inhabited tableaux. Artificial and natural gardens are thus mixed along topographic parcours, linking the three main pavilions and…

Single-family house interior

 Fresh single-family house in Montréal

ISSADESIGN agency's experimental design offers a single-family house spread across several levels. The objective was to break free from traditional partitioned floors by playing on staggered floors and half-levels. That approach makes it possible to create large open rooms offering an interesting perspective between the various floors, inspiring a great sense of volume and space. Concept and strategies Located in…


Axolight lighting news for 2023

Axolight, a lighting design company presented the new lighting solutions that go beyond the classical style conventions with their unusual shapes, and bring a breath of new air into the sector of lighting technology. Clearly inspired by abstract trends, Manifesto is a wall and ceiling lamp created by the Finnish designer Timo Ripatti. It is entirely made of metal with…

Amazing residence with soothing and balanced proportions.

Amazing modern house design with soothing and balanced proportions.

This modern house design example - a residence is a composition of volumes with soothing and balanced proportions which, on winter nights, sparkles through the woods like a guiding lantern. The architectural structure, facing a large mountain and a beautiful lake, is spread across three levels, totaling 420 sq.m. The pure ensemble presents itself discreetly by concealing its accesses and…

small house

Small house – fresh farm & studio

This small house structure, located in Bundoran Farm—a unique sustainable residential community on a working farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia. Is an art studio, an exercise room, and a place to practice and rehearse on the drum kit. In other words, a getaway from the owners’ busy city life. With the 2020 arrival…


The amazing evolution of an icon in bathroom

The iconic and amazing bathroom collection ILBAGNOALESSI returns in a completely renewed look, the result of the evolution of materials and continuous technological research. ILBAGNOALESSI has represented a completely new approach to the design of the bathroom space since its debut twenty years ago. With a design by Stefano Giovannoni, it is one of the longest-running and most successful collections…