How can we choose furniture for this space in the home that meets individual needs, is high quality, aesthetic, affordable and yet… make the most of every centimetre? Here are a few tips from their latest bathroom furniture collections.

Choosing bathroom furniture starts with… ceramics

Bathroom furniture should be thought about as early as the choice of sanitary ware. Functional, elegant and innovative ceramics influence the overall style of the bathroom, but the size of the washbasin is a big factor in the size of the bathroom cabinets.

Freedom of choice

The wider the choice of sizes, colours and textures of standard bathroom furniture, the easier it is to adapt it to your own needs, to the overall interior concept and to avoid overpaying for a customised design. The 2018 Base collection from Swiss company Laufen has taken this into serious consideration. The cabinets are not only available with several doors or drawers, but also in different widths and depths. The collection includes both glossy and matt fronts, and the matt colour palette includes 39 shades.

Capacious drawers - the perfect solution for families

For families with children, cabinets with roomy drawers are particularly important. Where to put not only the adults' bathroom essentials, but also the toys that are essential for a child's bath time? Many bathroom manufacturers offer impressive drawer sizes.

Don't forget the hanging cabinets

Wall cabinets are easy to clean, lightweight and can be hung at different heights. The Base collection includes several different models of wall cabinets - semi-high and narrow high cabinets with one or two doors.

Don't compromise on quality

The good news is that even the standard collections of bathroom furniture in the economy class already meet extremely high standards of quality and durability. When choosing bathroom furniture, look out for the material of the cabinet body, the quality of the shock-absorbing mechanisms in the drawers and the scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean cabinet fronts.

Quality lighting and other technologies

Modern bathroom furniture is more than just boxes for stacking bathroom accessories. Pay attention to quality cabinet lighting - it is very important, but should not be the main focus.

Technology is advancing, so even economy-class bathroom furniture is being fitted with modern, energy-efficient, near-daylight LED lighting systems.

Modern bathroom furniture also includes sockets for hairdryers and shavers to keep the bathroom tidier, and Roca's Stratum N collection even includes Bluetooth audio speakers.